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Update on practice changes and improvements

We have seen a number of improvements and changes here at Central Healthcare this month.

CQC report 

We’re pleased to announce that, following an inspection on 13 July, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has found improvements have been made to our service since their last visit.

This is good news for our patients and means that we are making good progress. Whilst we have much work to do before we can achieve a new CQC rating later this year, we are confident we can achieve this by continuing our hard work.

You can find the CQC report here

Partnership with Haxby Group 

Our partnership with Haxby Group GP practice, which is rated outstanding by the CQC, means we have a strengthened team to support service improvement. Haxby Group is helping us introduce a number of new initiatives which will bring changes to support service improvement. In addition you will find a number of GPs from Haxby Group providing clinical sessions in the surgery, in particular on a Monday and Friday.

These include:

Telephone improvements 

We recognise that we currently have a very old analogue telephone system, with limited available incoming lines. This makes it difficult sometimes for us to meet demand during busy periods of the week, such as Monday mornings.

This year, therefore, we will be investing in a new state-of-the-art digital telephone system. We aim for this to be up and running in the New Year.

It will not happen overnight, so there are some things which patients can do to help right now:

  • Unless your call is urgent, please call in the afternoons. Most calls are received early mornings. There are only eight analogue phone lines so once these are taken up, you will get an engaged tone. The new telephone system will address this problem and will introduce a queue system, line options and an option for us to ring you back.
  • We are open until 6pm and receive very few calls after 4pm or 5pm, so you are more likely to get through if you call at this time
  • Please use the online option if you can, to free up the phone lines for urgent enquiries and those patients who cannot use on line services.

Online access 

At the moment patients can contact us by telephone or by coming into their surgery. Another option is by contacting us online. We appreciate that there are still sometimes problems in accessing our services and often long waits to get an appointment.

We are looking to address this.

In October we will be introducing a new online access service which will revolutionise how patients contact us and will reduce the length of time they have to wait to get an appointment by digitising the entire patient management system.

Of course, patients will still be able to contact us by phone or come into surgery.

Future of Prospect Road surgery

Our main Practice site at Lawrence House, off Falsgrave Road, is open for business and patients can attend the practice. In line with the Government’s guidance we are assessing  the most appropriate appointment type for each patient so as to minimise risk to patients and staff. Following this clinical assessment we are doing consultations  via telephone and video and if appropriate face to face.

This week, the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has been asked to approve the branch closure of our Prospect Road site and this will be discussed at a meeting of the Primary Care Commissioning Committee on Thursday 24 September.

This is because our Prospect Road Surgery is not considered to be of the standard required to meet infection control and patient safety standards. Following our CQC report earlier this year, we have had to recognise the urgent need to change direction, particularly due to the poor condition of this site.

We know this decision will cause some concern and we would like to reassure patients that we are committed to providing them with the safest and best care possible. Patient safety is our absolute priority and regrettably we cannot maintain this from our Prospect Road surgery.

Any patient who previously used our service at Prospect Road surgery can now visit Lawrence House Medical Centre, off Falsgrave Road and we also have some clinics operating from our Peasholm surgery on Tennyson Avenue; both surgeries are less than a mile from Prospect Road

All three doctors who previously worked from Prospect Road Surgery, are now working from our Lawrence House site and are pleased with their new consultation environment. They describe it as “spacious, clean and comfortable” and more suitable for delivering patient care.

It has a very large waiting area, a lift and a large number of consultation rooms.  Patients who are new to Lawrence House have commented how impressed they are with the surgery environment and say they are pleasantly surprised when they walk through the doors.

Over the coming weeks we will be talking to all our patients to get their view on our exciting improvement plans for the future.


Continued patient involvement 

We will continue to talk to our patient groups and inform our patients of any future changes and improvements we are proposing for the practice. We very much want to hear the views of our patients.

So, in the next few weeks and months we will be sending out information and asking for feedback about a number of changes and improvements.

By working with our staff, patients and community, we aim to continue our robust programme of improvement work so we can achieve the highest standards of care our patients deserve.

Best wishes

The Central Healthcare Partners.