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Changes to how you order your prescriptions from 1st September 2020

Following a review, for reasons of patient safety, we have taken the decision to stop taking prescription requests over the telephone from Tuesday 01 September 2020.

We are seeing a significant number of discrepancies between what the patient believes they have ordered and what has actually been requested by our patient services team. Mistakes are often a result of difficulty with drug pronunciation and confusion over repeat medication requirements. Many of our patients are also being treated for increasingly complex multiple conditions. The risk of error has the potential to cause patients harm or contribute to failing to address their treatment needs.

There are now many ways in which repeat medication can be ordered other than over the telephone. Patients are encouraged to register for online services through the NHS app, which is available on both IOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Medication already issued on a repeat basis with the practice can be requested through the NHS app and is sent directly to a patient’s nominated pharmacy.  This saves time, unwarranted travel and is safer.

Patient online systems provide far better management of prescriptions within the surgery, as well as providing the surgery with additional resources to safely and efficiently deal with both patient telephone calls and face to face enquiries. Using the online systems should be quicker and more efficient from a patient point of view and eliminate the usual waiting time that you would have on the telephone.

We appreciate that this will be a change of process for many people but we believe that it will address some of the prescription and telephone access issues that have been raised in recent times. Details on how to register for our online services are available online at or you can speak to a member of the Patient Services Team.

We would like to assure you that the prescriptions line will remain open for our most vulnerable patients and those who do not have access to our online services. We also have a dedicated email address that can be used for ordering repeat medication and dealing with generic medication enquires which is

Please be assured if you do not have access to the internet, are unable to get to your Pharmacy or into the practice, and have no one to order your medication on your behalf you will still be able to order over the telephone.

Please note, if you are requesting full access to your medical records when registering with the NHS App this can take up to 3 weeks to authorise